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Stemmann GmbH


Company registration number: 3109,  District Court Recklinghausen

Tax No.: 340/5908/4040


Authorized to represent in the sense of TMG:

Dirk Radzieja

Niederstraße 67

45663 Recklinghausen

Phone: 49 2361 40 38 267


Address Stemmann GmbH

Bruchweg 110

D-45659 Recklinghausen

Contact person Dirk Radzieja

Commercial register: HRB-Nr.: 3109  Amtsgericht Recklinghausen

Tax identification
VAT: DE157324633

Tax No.: 340/5908/4040

Bank details
Bank name: Sparkasse Vest,  Recklinghausen
IBAN: DE24 4265 0150 0065 0002 91
Account holder: Stemmann GmbH


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