Surveying Equipment

Additionally surveyors clipboards, ground plates and range poles.

Range Poles

Here you will find range poles, tripods for range poles and accessories

Levelling Staff

In this categorieyou will find levelling staffs and accessories.


Here you will find straightedges and straight-edges.

levelling staffs

Here you will find levelling staffs and yard sticks


Here you will find optical squares, curve mirrors and plumbing rods

Surveyors Frame

Here you will find surveyors clipboards, monopods and protection bags

measuring wheels

Here you will find measuring wheels-

Spirit Levels

Here you will find spirit-levels and Accessories

Angle Slope Meter

Here you will find angle gauges and slopemeters

Plumb Bobs

Plumb Bobs, Pear shaped plub bobs, Centering plumb bobs, Precision plumb bobs, Cylindrical plumb bobs


Here you will get all kind of levels.