Plumb Bobs

Plumb Bobs, Pear shaped plub bobs, Centering plumb bobs, Precision plumb bobs, Cylindrical plumb bobs

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Pear-Shaped Plumb-Bob Brass 150g

Made of brass with steel point. Available in different sizes.

13.33 *

Pear-Shaped Plumb-Bobs Steel 150g

plumb bob made of steel/zinc in different sizes

5.00 *

Cylindrical Plumb-Bob

Cylindrical Plumb-Bob made of steel in different sizes

from 5.05 *

can be shipped within sofort days

Precision Plumb-Bob

made of brass with changeable steel point in different sizes

from 55.81 *

can be shipped within sofort days

Plumb Bob GZ

Plumb Bob like Zeiss and Ertel, brass, in two sizes

from 19.98 *

Centering Plumb-Bob

Centering Plumb-Bob, brass, with reversible point, different sizes

from 22.49 *

Wire for Plumb-Bobs 10m

Precision-wire Diameter: 0,30 mm

29.16 *

Cord for Plumb-Bobs

Perlon, Length: 100 m Diameter: 1,5 mm

11.64 *

can be shipped within sofort days

Leather Bag Plumb Bobs

Leather-bag for plumb-bobs

9.99 *

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